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The Bronze and Marble Gallery for Bronze Statues, Bronze Figurines, Bronze Water Features, Indoor and Outdoor Statues, Custom Made Statues, Urns, Marble Statues and Marble Water Features, Home, Garden, Office and Commercial Décor.

All our Bronze statues, bronze water features and bronze figurines are made to the highest quality and manufactured using the traditional lost wax method. We only use the best sculptors using the highest quality material for our craftsman to create True Bronze statues and bronze water features. We do not stock any cold cast, spelter bronze or bronze coated items.
Please note that all statues in a grey/black border are currently in stock with the other statues available to be ordered. Please use the links provided to navigate through our extensive range of Bronze statues to find exactly what will suit you.

We produce bronze statues that encompass the Art Deco Era, as well as traditional and modern styles. Our Art Deco statues can either be table size for indoors and offices through to larger outdoor statues and bronze water features. We also carry a large range of Classic and Traditional styles through to Modern and Abstract statues. We have an extensive range of Greek and Roman mythology statues, as well as fairies, cupids and gothic statues.

Horse statues are a very popular range. We carry a large range of horse statues for the home and office, also we have life-size horse statues available for outside display. The horse statues are an ideal gift, and can be used for as exclusive trophies for the horse racing industry as well as a wide range of Equestrian pursuits. These beautiful bronze statues are suitable for such a wide range of uses for anyone associated with the horse industry.

All of our Bronze Water Features and Bronze Fountains are True Bronzes, individually hand made using the Lost Wax Method. Throughout the ages, bronze has proven itself to be the best product for outside use. Bronze Water Features and Bronze Fountains do not rust and therefore will last for generations, this is why Statues and Water features made as a memorial or commemorative display in parks, cemeteries, and public places are made from bronze. We carry fountains and water features in stock from tiered fountains, Art deco style, Dolphin water features, several sizes of Bird water features, several styles of Mermaid water features Child and Lady water features even Frog water features. There are many different styles and sizes available, if not in stock can be ordered in from our production partners.  

Custom made statues whether in bronze or marble are a desired and unique item, All Bronze statues and Marble statues are individually handmade which makes them a desired and unique item to own. We also specialize in Customized Statues, either in Bronze or Marble. To create a completely distinctive and individual piece all we need is a brief outline of exactly what you would like reproduced by either drawing or photograph with the dimensions and any specific qualities that are required and together with the artist and sculptor we will faithfully reproduce the image to create a beautiful and valuable bronze or marble statue. Our commissioned pieces have ranged from soldiers, horses, people and animals. We liaise with the customer to create a timeless piece that can be viewed and admired for generations to come.